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Motor Vibration manufacturers
Brief introduction:  
Vibration Motor is an important part for shale shaker , it offer vibration power for shale shaker
The vibration motor is the excitation source of the power source and vibration source in one,
Two adjustable eccentric blocks were installed on both sides of the rotor shafts. The exciting force is generated through a combination of the rotor spindle and the eccentric block at high speed to produce centrifugal force.


The vibration motor has a number of advantages:
1. Small size, light weight, and quick start;
2. Low noise, low power consumption, high efficiency;
3. Exciting force easy to be adjusted unlimited, and the adjusting range is extensive, vibrates without mechanical transmission;
4. Easy to install, convenient maintenance, and long service life etc.
Technical data of Vibration Motor
TYPEmaximum exciting force
    kNrotation rateRPMpowerkW
current rating Aweight kg
Notes: our products are appointed products for Zhengzhou Sunshine oil technology co., ltd.(Motor vibration source)
Working principle of vibration motor for new type shale shaker
Following please find the structure diagram of New type vibration motor produced by Taizhou DERUITE Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd
Fig1. Structure diagram of vibration motor
Working principles: central idea is to separate eccentric block from vibration motor, by the coupling, change a motor shaft to three , reduce the difficulty of processing, eliminating the stress caused by the installation due to machining error. Make the motor shaft only by torque, and eliminate the adverse effects of the bending moment on the motor bearings. Overcome the spindle withstand motor size and space constraints, you can choose the greater carrying capacity of bearings, but also change support pattern of eccentric block .Instead simply supported by a cantilever . Increase the number of supporting bearings, so the bearing life is greatly extended, motor rotor under stress is greatly improved. reduce the motor heat source, low working temperature, working conditions greatly improved. These are the final played an important role o improve the reliability and service life of vibration source.
Meanwhile, by changing the size of the spindle axis and coupling easily adapt to size of the work racks, to maximize the vibration efficiency.
Fig1:1-source room 2-source shaft 3-eccentric block 4-coupling sleeve 5-coupling
Fig2. Structure diagram of vibration motor for actual production
Center distance of bolt can be customized according to customer requirements, if you use PTS shaker screens, adjustment is not suggested. Center distance 1082mm remains unchanged.
Fig3.vibration motor installation instruction

Other terms:
Package details:2 PCS/Wooden box
Delivery: Normally 15 days
Transportation:By sea,air,land
Warranty: 12 Months
Payment terms:T/T,L/C,WU
Price terms: EXW, FOB, CIF, C&F, …
If you want to learn more information about shaker screens, please contact our sales manager ((Mabel young, [email protected], 0523-86966222, 15195203399, jessica.young579)Motor Vibration manufacturers

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